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At the Boston Globe Magainze, I was able to art direct, designer and collaborate to help produce the weekly issues. My work includes reoccurring and feature sections. 


At the Boston Globe Magazine, I was able to art direct, design and collaborate to help produce the weekly issues. My work includes reoccurring and feature sections. 


Creating infographics is one of my favorite design tasks. At the Globe, I was able to work on smaller graphics weekly for the sports section as well as large graphics which I wrote and designed for the ideas section. The larger graphics were a project that I helped start and stepped into as an extra task. 


At the Boston Globe, I had the opportunity to work on the front page, sports, travel, food, ideas, and opinion sections. To complete these pages, I worked with illustrators, writers, editors, and other designers. 


For the Boston Globe Sports section I created this photo illustration and GIF to be used on the website. The image was also used for the print version which can be seen above. 


Stop motion is my passion project. Working in this medium is an excellent way to flex my creative skills and a fun way to advertise products in a unique way


Gather is a magazine that I created at SCAD. I created the concept and designed the spreads. One of my favorite parts of this project is my handwriting as the logo. 


I created this motion graphic for a lifestyle YouTube channel. Beyond small motion projects, I also work in Premiere for video editing to tell visual stories.


From creating graphics and advertising to making gifs, I have maintained the brand identity while pushing the limits of design to create a fun and creative design solutions. 


I recently began working as a freelance writer for The Boston Globe and Boston.com. My work revolves around nature and home improvement

Hey there! Thank you for the visit to my portfolio! My name is Darci and  I am a designer with a BA in Visual Communication from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Currently, I am working as a designer at Ramsey Solutions and actively taking on freelance work. 


I am also a photographer, baker, interior design lover, and avid traveler. If you want to learn more about me and my interests, check out my blog by clicking the button below!

Feel free to reach out to me by email @ Darcimarriott4@live.com