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Simple Boho Apartment Bathroom

Chances are that you picked up your love for the boho decor style when you were decorating your first dorm room or apartment. This is often because it is an easy, fun and affordable style to implement in your home. Or maybe you enjoy the fun-loving, worldly aesthetic you can create with "boho" pieces.

Boho is a style in which you can create a mod podge, chic room effortlessly. But this effortless look actually needs some thought so your spaces don't feel overwhelming or cluttered especially if you live in an apartment. Here is an example of how to create a boho bathroom that feels thoughtful and fun at the same time!

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Living in an apartment can put a limit on what you can do with your space. You may be in a brand new build that has little to no character. Or you may be in an old brownstone with endless charm. Some landlords don't allow you to make any changes to your apartment including paint or hardware changes. Usually, apartments lack character, color, and personality. Having such a blank canvas without much control over it can seem daunting. It might not even seem worth it to invest too much into a (probably) temporary home. But it's important to make a home YOUR home. Being attentional with your choices can help you create the Boho space of your dreams.

First, what exactly is Boho?

Boho: Eclectic-Global-Laidback

Boho is an eclectic and exciting style that highlights you and your life experiences. It emphasizes worldly influences, natural elements, and rich textures. This type of style builds over time as you curate pieces from your life. This style is for those who are free-flowing spirits, travelers, and those in tune with nature.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Bold patterns

+ Rattan

+ Vintage items

+ Global influences

+ Plants, plants and more plants

+ Layered textures

+ Natural textures

+ Rich colors

+ Persian rugs

+ Woven wall hangings

Okay, time to stop and consider.. does this feel like YOU? In case you are thinking this does not describe your dream style, here is a guide to 9 decor styles to help you find your own personal style preference.

Alright, now we're going to dive into this bathroom inspo. I wanted to create a space that is fun and bold but clean. This is perfect for a small apartment that does not have much space. The last thing you want to do is clutter your space with too much stuff. Less is more!

Although I have used a vintage tub and sink, this style can work even if you are in a brand new apartment complex. You may have to push texture and color just a bit further to make up for any lack of character your new apartment might have.

Paint is always a great place to start to give your apartment more personality. First, check with your landlord or lease to see if you are allowed to paint. If you can, be aware you probably will have to paint over your work so it looks like the first day you walked in.

There are a lot of color options when you think boho. White is always a clean, fresh option that can let your design choices shine. If you are unable to paint, just know white can work in your favor too! If you do want to paint, earthy naturals are a wonderful choice for your Boho style.

Here are some popular earthy colors to consider for your bathroom.

For my own personal Boho style, I enjoy using bold colors and patterns to create eye-catching contrast. While most of this bathroom is white, I used a rich red color with a bold pattern as the focal point in the space. To add more color into the room I chose a more subtle, natural tone of green to add a serene feeling to the area.

If you have control of tiles in your space, opt for something interesting to create variety and interest. Mixing and matching a clean tile with a bold one can make a space feel unique and fun! Different tiles also help you begin layering textures which is a staple within Boho style. The tile, rug, wood accents, and shower curtain all have unique textures that help create the cozy, natural vibe you are aiming for.

Make sure to top off your space with wood accents pieces and plants to really pull the natural vibe together. At the end of the day, less is more. Let a few bold pieces carry the tones of the room and have everything else be supporting characters.

The biggest mistake I see with Boho decor is doing too much. Not every piece in a space has to be 100% bold and colorful. Utilize wood pieces and other neutrals to let your statement pieces shine.

Here are the products I used to create this space!


NEED ADVICE? Comment below and let me know how I can help!


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