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11 Habits of women who are always attractive

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

There's a reason we use words like attractive and ugly to describe people's emotional qualities rather than just their physical. The qualities that make us who we are can and will impact how others see us. It's not about having a thigh gap or being a size 0 that determines how attractive you are to another person but also how you interact with others. Internal beauty has a direct effect on other's external opinions of us.

Physical beauty fades but by practicing these habits we can be attractive forever.

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1. Confidence

Having confidence in yourself is a surefire way to be attractive no matter what. Just be you and you will shine AND everyone will take notice!

2. Grace

Having grace in any situation is a learned skill but one that is highly attractive. Grace does not only come in your movements (this comes from confidence!) but also in how you react to your surroundings and the way you speak.

3. Authenticity

People can pick up on when someone is being fake or when you are uncomfortable in your skin. If you are weird.. be weird. Weird all out. Own it. Whatever you are, be true to yourself and show it.

4. Honesty

One way to practice authenticity is to be honest. Honesty is a beautiful quality. Being vulnerable, real and open is an attractive quality that will take you far.

5. Self Care

Taking care of yourself is extremely important in being attractive. When we feel good, it radiates. This does not just include skincare and spa days but taking time to read, nap and take care of yourself mentally.

6. Personal Growth

No matter what this means to you in your life, you should always strive to keep growing. Whether that is improving bad habits, going to school or learning a new skill, you should always keep growing. This is my top tip for always being attractive. Life is ever-changing and we should be too.

7. Exercise

Again, when we feel good we look good. Exercise is not only about physical improvement but it can help mood and give you more energy. Taking care of your health shows that you care about yourself and your longterm wellbeing.

8. Don't take themselves too serious

Life is short, people come and go, and nothing is permanent. Time is too precious to take everything super seriously. Laugh at your mistakes, don't sweat the small stuff and remember to appreciate every win, even the tiniest ones.

9. Have a sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor is highly attractive. This does not mean you need to be a class clone, but

learn to laugh and have fun!

10. Be a good listener

This is possibly the number one way to attract people to you. It is very rare today to actually listen to what someone is saying. Next time you are in a conversation, notice if you are listening to what someone is saying or if you are trying to think of what to say next. Practice truly listening!

11. Always friendly

It takes a few seconds to wave, smile or say hello. Stopping to chat with someone won't derail your day but might make theirs. Even in the most frustrating situations, try your best to be friendly and kind. This is a lovely quality to have.

Being attractive is about so much more than how you appear on the outside. In the long run, these attractive internal qualities will take you further than physical beauty ever could.



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