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63 Ultimate fun and cheap post-social distancing activities

Updated: May 2, 2020

I hope everyone comes out of this crazy time with a new outlook. A renewed gusto for life. A change in attitude. My hope for every one of you is to have a clean slate where you appreciate your freedom more and sweat the small things less. I hope we are kinder, become better friends, and stop worrying about things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I hope you make more time for yourself, more time for those who matter, and more time to achieve your dreams.

For most, this realization will fade quickly. We will return to how things were but please try to keep this feeling around for as long as you can! To help you out, I put together an ultimate list of fun activities you can do by yourself or with your friends or family once it is safe to be around everyone. So I challenge you to try something off this list every single week. What you do does not have to cost a lot of money, it is more about being around your friends and loved ones.

Take photos, make a home video, live life to the fullest, and have fun!

Disclosure: I have placed some affiliate links below that I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Keep in mind, however, these are all my personal recommendations that I stand by. I would not bring them to you if I did not believe in each item. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to

1. Hiking

Get out and get some exercise and some sun!

2. Biking

3. Dancing in the park/dancing lessons

When I lived in Grand Rapids, MI I went to Dancing by the river where they had a lesson for a half hour then free dancing for the next two. It was so much fun to let loose and have some fun swing dancing with my friends. Check around your city to see if they have any lessons or free events like this!

4. Hold a birthday party for everyone who celebrated alone

If you are a spring baby like me, you probably had to spend your birthday at home or maybe alone. Gather all your friends and throw a makeup party for those who had a quarantine birthday!

5. Go to the pool

6. Go camping

7. Go to a new city

8. Be a tourist in your own city

There is probably a long list of things you have never done in your city. I know this is true for me and I have lived here my entire life!

9. Day trip to your favorite place

10. Have a yard sale

11. Invite friends over to show off your new post-quarantine cooking skills

12. Do a fun photoshoot with your friends

13. Go to an outdoor concert

14. Have a lake day

15. Go for picnic

16. Backyard movie night

I have yet to do this idea but I cannot wait until I can. Set up a projector, lots of blankets, invite all your friends and bring on the popcorn!

17. Go on a weekend trip to visit family members

18. Try a new restaurant every month

19. Host a backyard cookout

21. Go to the beach and have a Spikeball tournament

22. Go to a farmers market and then prepare a fresh meal

23. Attend a baseball game (local works too!)

24. Or join another outdoor sports league

25. Flea markets

26. The Aquarium

27. Mini golf

28. Host a tea party

Fancy, casual - it doesn't matter! Gather your friends and enjoy your favorite tea and finger foods.

29. Take a wine and paint class

30. Host a spa day

31. Potluck dinner

32. Have an Office themed party

33. Iron chef night

34. Play croquet

Haven't heard of it? Well, you should try it, like now! Its a blast!

35. Host a game night

36. Have a TV show watch party for new episodes

37. Gift swap night

Set a theme, set a price, and tell everyone to bring a gift. You can swap or tell everyone to bring enough for each person! My favorite way to do this is to invite 5 people, tell everyone to bring their favorite product right now to gift to each person. Everyone leaves with a few goods and a lot of good memories.

38. Start a book club

39. Have a bonfire

40. Find a U-Pick Farm

41. Go see live music at a bar

42. Classic movie marathon

43. Go to a dark park

44. Attend a community play

45. Go bowling

46. Work at a local garden

47. Have a bake-off

48. Have friends over and just chat

49. Go to an art museum

50. Take a yoga class together

51. Play a huge game of hide and seek


53. Go to the movies

54. Volunteer together

55. Go get coffee

56. Go on a double date!

57. Brunch, brunch, BRUNCH - don't forget the mimosas

58. Go kayaking

59. Road trip with no plan

60. Trivia night

61. Play laser tag

62. Make a video

63. Go to the Drive-In

Some of my best memories growing up are going to the drive-in. While it might seem like a cheesy 50s thing to do, it really is super fun and worth a little bit of a drive!


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