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7 Tips for Achieving a Grown-Up Boho Decor Style

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Chances are that you picked up your love for the boho decor style when you were decorating your first dorm room or apartment. This is often because it is an easy, fun and affordable style to implement in your home. You can make a lot of the pieces or pile up a lot of cheap objects for a modpodge, chic room. The problem is, now you are out of college but have a lot of pieces that make your home feel just like your dorm. Even the new pieces you are buying might feel like the style is just not working anymore.

Boho can be a grown up style but it will take some transitioning to get there. If you feel like your home still feels like a college apartment or you can't put your finger on why your boho style is not working anymore, check out these steps! Please share and subscribe below!

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Clear your home of any items from college

You cannot fix your problem without first addressing the items that are causing it. You may have some items that you can still repurpose or use in your grown-up home, but chances are you don't. Items you had from college are the main reason your home is not feeling mature. Tapestries and little knickknacks from school are keeping that college feeling alive. To fully get rid of it, it is time to purge those items. Sell them to get money to fund some new items for your home.

Get rid of any gone-wrong or iffy DIYS's or antiques that have seen better days

When you are in college, any DIY is great. You put in time and your limited resources to create a new piece of decor. If you are looking for a mature look, it is time to let these go. Get rid of any other pieces you might have that are also more on the side of shabby than shabby chic. Do not give up on DIYs, but rather have a higher standard of quality!

Invest in great or one-of-a-kind pieces

After getting rid of any sub par items, take your money and invest in quality pieces that you really love. It is more important to have a few great pieces that mean a lot to you rather than a lot of cheap items that you could take or leave in a year or two.

Go heavy with neutral or soft colors

A lot of boho decor in college is full of bold, bright colors. Do no cut these out completely but try opting for more neutral, natural and soft colors. These will give the calm and sophisticated feel to your home that you are looking for.

Be heavy handed with the plants

Boho decor benefits greatly from adding lots of plants. The green will add lots of color and different textures. Plants can be used as decor and are even great for your health. (Check out my post on healthy plants!) If you have a brown thumb, opt for some faux hanging plants.

Decorate in ways you could not before

In college you had no access to paint, wall paper, lots of furniture, or sometimes even putting holes in the walls. There are countless other factors that go into what you can and can't do in college in terms of decor. Take a step back and think about what you can do now and how you want to utilize it!

Introduce bold patterns and texture

Patterns and textures are the most important part of the boho style. Mix and match to get the most out of each piece. When you are choosing the elements for your room take this into consideration. Expertly assembling a variety of pieces and pairing different patterns and textiles will give your home a mature and thought out feel.


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