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9 Ways You Are Wasting Money on Clothes

We are all a little guilty of buying more clothes than we need and spending more money shopping than we should. A year ago, I looked into my closet and realized there were a lot of pieces that were clearly a waste of money. Unworn. Cheap. Too trendy.

All too often, I would begin my day by complaining that "I have nothing to wear." I would shuffle through my closet realizing that somehow I had complied a wardrobe that I barely liked. Although I clearly had spent a lot of my hard-earned money shopping for clothes, I felt like I had nothing to show for it.

I am sure most of you have found yourself in a similar situation. Nothing to wear. Less money in our bank account.

So how did we end up like this?

Consider the following to make sure you do not find yourself in this position again!

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Too many trend pieces

Every year, our Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with new trendy pieces. We see how good they look on the models and get swept up in the cool new fashion. While trends can be fun, they simply do not last. Give an exciting trend a year or two and its gone. You no longer have an interest in it and neither does anyone else. While I still believe you should take fashion risks and try new trends from time to time, just make sure you do not get in the habit of buying all the new fads each season. This is a costly mistake.

Buying cheap

Some clothing items can be bought on the cheaper side. Sometimes, you are in a pinch and just need to buy something quick and cheap. However, if you look back at all purchases like this, you will realize they either did not fit you perfectly and most likely fell apart after just a few wears. At that point, you find yourself back at the store buying another cheap item. This adds up in the long run.

I recommend taking the time to find quality pieces and spending just a little more money on them. This way, you are making an investment that will last. Quality over quantity.

Emotional shopping

I have certainly been here a few times. I feel down about something and decide to go online shopping to mend my wounds. First, no amount of shopping will solve our problems. Second, this often leads to us buying things we simply do not need or maybe will never actually wear. Even though we might feel better in that moment we click checkout and when we receive our package, this is not good for our wallet or our wellness.

Buying clothes that don't fit

I occasionally like a piece of clothing so much that I want it to work too much. This can lead to buying pieces that don't quite fit just right. When we do not feel our best in something, we will not wear it. When buying clothes make sure that the items fit near perfect.

Purchasing something you are not totally in love with

I have been here. I see a trend (mistake 1) and think it will look just as good on me as it did on the fashion influencer I first saw it on. This is not always the case. If you are not in complete love with a piece, skip the purchase. It will not grow on you. It will most likely just sit in your closet unworn and forgotten.

Forgetting to do returns

Returns have a time limit. Make sure to make your returns on time or you will simply be out of the money you spent with nothing to show for it.

Sale and shipping minimums

There is no rule that you need to shop just because there is a sale or that you NEED to hit the free shipping minimum. I, however, am extremely guilty of this. What did I get in return? Multiple outfits that I never wear but keep because of the money I spent.

Pay attention to sales when you need to buy something. Do not get sucked into a sale just for the sake of a sale.

Clearance racks

This is the same idea as above. Do not buy something just because it is super cheap. We get swept away by the price, not by the piece.

Paying full price

The last way you can waste money is to not look out for the sales when you need to buy clothes! Chances are, if you wait a little while, that top you wanted will go on sale or you will get a coupon for the store. Wait it out!

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