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A Crucial Message for Those About to Begin a New Chapter in Their Life

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Two things that often do not exist without the other; hope and anxiety. When entering new stages in our lives, we can be overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. The idea of starting a new school, moving to college or moving across the country is filled with joy and hope for all the wonderful things that you now get to experience. But anxieties also come up full force when thinking about the new opportunities you are about to embark on. A, b and c could all go wrong… What about all the things you are leaving behind? Will my life ever be the same again?

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Life will always change

As I was attending mass this past week, I was fortunate to listen to a hope vs anxiety inspired Homily for recent high school graduates. I left thinking how applicable this is to everyone. Life is constantly changing and life transitions happen quite often, especially around ages 18-35. You graduate high school, possibly move away from home, start at a college, graduate school and enter the workforce and eventually maybe move onto getting married and starting a family.

As we get older and move on through our lives, nothing will ever be the same as it is right at that moment. But, that is okay! Hold onto the hope for the new adventures and the unexplored stages of life you are entering while being thankful for where you are right now.

Jump into the deep end

For the first time in my life, I will be moving across the country to a city where I know no one (and I mean NO ONE). For the first time, I will not be within driving distance from a family member or friend and will be starting a job I do not have much experience with.

This realization, for obvious reasons, stirs up serious anxiety and surprisingly hope as well. I am anxious to find my way around this new city and start a new job. I am anxious that I will be lonely and will miss my family. I am, however, hopeful that I will find strength and confidence in myself that I have yet to unleash. I am also hopeful that I will meet friends that I will know for a lifetime. I am hopeful that this opportunity will open new doors for my career.

When you reach this point... it is time to take the leap! The risk will be worth it.

To better understand your position, ask yourself...

What are you thankful for RIGHT NOW?

What are you excited about in your new adventure?

Why not for it?

Why am I holding myself back?

People will still be here for you

The greatest reminder I can give you is that your support system will always be there for you. I thought that moving across the country might ruin my relationships. It actually did the opposite.

I now know who is there for me, who cares enough to stay in contact and who was willing to put in the time to keep our relationships strong. The reality is, some people are just in your life because of convenience and will only be in your life for a short time. But, that's okay. Every relationship serves a purpose and is full of lessons. Be thankful for those who were in your life for a short time and those who are here to stay.

It is OKAY to fail

As someone who used to be terrified of failing... I am now PRO failure. Failures are where we learn about ourselves, where we grow, and the most important source for learning lessons. Without falling down sometimes we would not grow.

So, know both hope and anxiety are natural and healthy. Know that they come hand in hand and can be a powerful force when harnessed.

Thank you for visiting today:)


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