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How to deal with the winter when you hate the cold weather

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I do not like winter. I mean.. I really, really, really hate it.

I hate the wind that feels like its burning your skin. I hate cleaning the snow off my car, the time it takes to get dressed, and I really hate how difficult it can be to drive on snow and ice.

Chances are, if you clicked on this post, so do you. Unfortunately, I'm a Michigander which according to some studies is the second-worst state to live in during the winter. It seems like it is always dark outside, snow is piled up to our knees, and the temperatures are so low some days you cannot even be outside for longer than a few minutes.

So why not move? This is where I was born and raised, my family lives here, my friends are here and regardless of how much I hate winter, it will always be my home. There are easier steps to be taken than moving away from everything you know just because you do not like the cold. Although it will take some work, try these tips below before deciding to make the move to somewhere sunnier.

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1. Find a winter activity you really love

Finding an activity you love that can only be done in the winter will give you something to look forward to. This can be sledding, snowboarding, ice skating outdoors, etc. Whatever it is that you find, make time for it and participate often. Schedule this activity every week or every other week. The act of having something to look forward to will make you happier and will make you hate winter less!

2. Invest in quality + warm clothes so you are dressed appropriately

One of the reasons I hate winter so much is that I am always cold. To combat this, invest in some better quality pieces. It will be worth the money. Just adding a warm scarf can make all the difference. I also opt for a longer, knee-length coat and will never be going back. You can even buy gloves now that are very warm and you can also still use your phone while you have them on. Making these small changes will take the chill off you and hopefully make you a little less bitter about the cold.

3. Enjoy some comfort food and hot beverages... often

Cooking up a hot stew or soup can be a great way to spend a cold afternoon. It'll warm you up and make your home smell amazing. I love making big batches so that I can enjoy the meal the next day as well!

During the winter, I always make sure to have plenty of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. After coming in from outside nothing beats a hot beverage to warm you up! My favorites to have stocked up for the winter are Tazo chai tea which is filled with cozy warm spices and Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics hot chocolate.

4. Take up an indoor hobby

Another thing you can do is to take up activities that you can do indoors. Find something that you really love to spend time doing by the fireplace. This can be a craft like knitting, a puzzle with your family, or maybe even some board games. Combine this tip and number 3 to have an amazing afternoon in on a chilly day.

5. Hangout with that odd friend that really LOVES winter

When in doubt, turn to your friends. We all know someone that really loves being outside all winter long. Being around their enthusiasm towards winter might just rub off on you a little bit. The people we surround ourselves with make a difference. If they love winter, you might like it a little more too when you are around them! Although this might not cure you completely of your hatred for winter, it will help just enough!

Make sure to like and share below! Also, leave a comment if you have any questions. xx.


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