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How to manage your time the right way

Time management is a huge part of daily success. I often get asked how I get everything done in my life as a full time student, a full time employee, a blogger and still have time for friends and family. One thing I have going for me is that my peak performance strikes at a pretty high stress level. But I could not do it without stepping back and analyzing what I need to do to be successful. Here are the most important things that go into my time management skills.

1. Lists

I live and die by my lists. Everyday I make a list of tasks I need to complete from most important to least, working from top to bottom. Whatever I do not get done that day starts at the top of the next days lists. This is a quick and efficient way to make sure you get everything done in a timely manner.

2. Priorities

Knowing your priorities is very important in time management. Stop and think about what is vital to your success, to your life and to what you spend most of your time doing. Whatever is at the top gets the most time. Whatever fell towards the bottom needs to take up less time.

3. Know your goals

Figuring out your priorities means you need to straighten out your goals, long and short term. List them out. Writing down your goals actually helps you to reach them!

4. Assessment and judgement calls

Ultimately, you know what you need to do in life to be efficient. It comes down to making hard choices and sticking to them. Now this does not mean cut out all fun aspects of your life, but everything has a cost-benefit ratio which you need to be aware of.

5. Cutting out waste where you can

Tough judgment calls include cutting out waste where you can. A big time-waster that I often find myself indulging in is TV. It is one thing to sit down and enjoy a show to unwind for the night or at the end of the week, but enjoyment slips into waste when it gets in the way of your productivity.

Follow this list and get making your own! Do not forget to subscribe and share:)


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