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Joanna Gaines' New Anthropologie Line: Everything You Didn't Know You Needed in Your Home

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Joanna Gaines is back at it again and just came out with a new line of rugs and pillows for Anthropologie! Every piece is stunning and will bring new value to your home. These patterns and textures will be a fun and homey addition to your living room. Add one (or a few!) of these items to incorporate a new, fresh look to your home. For other ways to get a fresh spring look, check out my recent Spring Refresh post or subscribe to get updates when great new content on home decor comes out! BONUS. If you subscribe today, you get my FREE cheat sheet on how to create a home you love! Check it out!

I love these textured pillows because they have a boho feel but the soft colors allow you to weave these in with any style. My personal favorite is the soft pink with tassels. Shop this style here!

I am partial to these pillows because the pattern is reserved but still lots of fun. These pillows allow you to flirt with boho while keeping a simple, classic feel to a room. Shop these now!

Get cozy with these wool pillows. The comfy texture will give you and your room a welcoming feel while the unique pattern adds interest in a subtle way. Shop this look now!

This rug is the most authentic farm style item in the collection. The vintage look will add color and a bold amount of texture to your living or bedroom. Shop now!

This is a bold boho piece, but you could easily pair it with traditional farmhouse furniture for an interesting and upbeat style! Shop the rug here.

This rug is my favorite item in the whole collection. It screams character and will take any room up 10 notches on the cozy scale. This piece will make your room feel warm while the natural colors and pattern will make it even more inviting. Shop it now!

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