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Magnolia Journal Review

If you are not already a subscriber to Magnolia Jounral, here are 5 Reasons to become one!

1. Seasonal advice not only décor but on life as well

I love this magazine because there is an overarching theme throughout. This is not just a design theme or a topic, but a life quality. This is the best content choice that I have come across. We need to think more about value, morals and how we want to live our lives instead of objects and places. Magnolia Journal is the place you are going to find it.

2. Recipes

I have tried most of the recipes from the Magnolia Journal. They all check out, are fairly simple to make and are super delicious.

3. Decorating tips

Of course Joanna Gaines would not have a magazine and not share design tips. But! You also get design tips from other designers or families that have just gotten their home redone.

You could also check out Jo’s new design book for more design tips to create your perfect space. ALSO check out my 2018 top design trends to keep with the style and get some wholesome advice on interior design.

4. Chip inspiration!

I can never get enough of Chip inspiration. Although he is extremely goofy, which we love him for, he is very insightful and intelligent. He has one article in every Journal which is always a highlight.

5. Keep up with the Gaines even though the show has ended

Although I am sad about Fixer Upper ending, the Journal is a way to keep up with new Magnolia projects and happenings. It will never be the same as watching Chip jump through a wall or listening to Joanna explain her design technique, but it’s a wonderful substitute.

Check out my Waco Texas post if you need even more Gaines in your life. Here you can find advice on planning your trip to the Magnolia Silos!

Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe!


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