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My #1 Get Fit Trick

After stopping my 15-year basketball career, including two years of collegiate play, I wasn't sure how I was going to keep working out. It was my main source of exercise and had a hard time finding other forms of exercise that were as fun or as helpful as playing basketball. Although nothing is ever going to compare to dedicating at least 2 hours everyday to the court, I found refuge through Body By Simone. It is a dance inspired program that is fun and very effective. Here are 9 reasons you need to try the BBS App today! (Oh yeah, and done forget to subscribe off to the right!)

1. Who doesn’t like to dance?

·Now you might not totally forget you are working out but this is as close as you can get besides actually going dancing!

2. Body like a dancer? Yes please!

·There is no doubt that dancers have strong, lean and enviable bodies.

3. Recommended workouts just for you

The program works with AI to monitor how difficult or easy your workouts should be as you progress.

4.Meal plans for everyday!

This is a great feature because you can plan ahead and make a shopping list for the week.

5. Access to live classes

·The live classes are really fun and it makes you feel a part of the community.

6. Track your measurements

No more wondering about if you are making progress with your body. It is hard to measure with weight because as you add muscle it will show on the scale as well. Your measurements will show your true progress.

7. Free version/ Youtube videos

If you do not want to pay for the app, you can look up the many videos that BBS has on youtube or take advantage of the free 10 minute workouts on the app.

8. A variety of workouts

·With so many places and ways to use BBS workouts, you get a great variety on what you are working out but different workouts for each category too.

9. Look great and feel great!

Like any type of working out, you will start to look and more importantly, feel great! (And have fun doing it!)

Please subscribe and share! Have a lovely day!


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