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15 Small but Effective Changes to Make in Your Kitchen

I constantly have the urge to make updates, add new decor or move around furniture. The truth is, this is not good practice for my finances. If you have limited wiggle room in your budget or if you are short on time, these are some great ways to give your kitchen a little update!

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New knobs or handles

This seems like such a small detail in the kitchen, but take a second and realize how many knobs or handles you actually have. Just this one change will have a dramatic effect on how your kitchen looks and feels. It is a simple way to get a fresh feel to the room.

New utensils + holders

I have my utensils in a fun ceramic container sitting on the counter. If you feel like you want a small change without much effort or money, this is a great place to start. Taking this step can make a fun, small difference that will have a big impact.


This is my favorite option for updating a kitchen. I am big on using a runner or a full sized rug if you have the room for it to add some flare. Go bold with color and patterns, mix and match. Or go traditional, both are affordable and statement making changes that will completely transform your kitchen.

Take things off your fridge

Things can get overwhelming and unpleasant if you start putting too much up on your fridge. Go through these things regularly or get a fun board or organizer to pin your stuff up on instead. This will help your kitchen look less messy and now you will be able to see your beautiful fridge!

Get rid of clutter

This is a really simple one. If your house is clean and clutter free, it will look and feel better.

Get new, natural light bulbs

Change the type of light bulbs to change the tone of the room. I personally like bulbs that are close to natural light like these ones from Amazon. Light will change the mood of the room and how the colors look within it. Take something colorful outside and compare it to how it looks under yellow light inside. Huge difference!

New towels

I like to change towels up seasonally. This keeps things fun and ever changing and you will never get bored.

Switch up the art

Find some new art pieces to put up on the wall! Change out photos, head to the flea market to find some cool new vintage pieces, or frame your kiddos news masterpiece! You do not have to get rid of the old but maybe cycle through different pieces throughout the year to keep things renewed.

Make a statement wall

I love this idea so much. One way you can accomplish is to.. I don’t know.. add ship lap! If you do not like that idea, you can paint one wall or get some new wallpaper to bring new life to the room.

Swap out the lighting

Adding new light fixtures can dramatically change a room. This is another one you can head to the flea market for. See if you can find any cool old pieces that might fit perfectly in your home!

Paint something

Paint the walls, paint the cabinets, paint the counter tops! You can actually get kits to redo your counter top instead of getting brand new ones installed. How cool!

Get a roll away island

If your kitchen is too small to have a permanent island, it might be a fun idea to add a roll away one so that when you are cooking you can have it but after there will still be ample walking room.

Add a fun/tiled back splash

You can have a lot of fun with this one. Changing or adding a back splash gives you the opportunity to add some more character into this space.

Get a new faucet

No matter how much you clean a faucet, it does get old and worn. Changing this up every once in a while is a good idea.

Add herbs or plants

Adding a small indoor garden is both functional and beautiful. Adding plants in general is a great way to bring nature indoors and bring life and color into your home.

Whether you take all these steps or just a few, your kitchen will feel new and fresh! Get to it!

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