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16 SUPER Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

You get up, get ready, step outside and realize fall is already in full swing. A few weeks later, you notice that fall is slowly fading away to cold weather and the Christmas season. Wait… where did fall go? Did I miss Halloween?

I have found myself in this exact situation during fall quite a few times. Regardless of the fact that this is my favorite season, I somehow feel like I miss out on taking full advantage of this time.

Time moves fast, and we are constantly looking forward to the next season in our lives. When we take on this mentality we forget to ground ourselves where we are right now. This type of mentality leads to that feeling as seasons and holidays end where you start to think things like.. “It didn’t really feel like fall this year” or “Holy cow, I did nothing I wanted to and now fall is over!”

One way I began to combat this feeling was to create a surrounding which reminds me of the season AND one that inspires me to be present within it.

Decorating for different seasons or holidays can help prepare us for the times to come. Creating spaces that revolve around why we love each season enables us to be more present. If your favorite thing about fall is cozy blankets and scary movies, focus on your living room and make it a space that enhances this experience.

Beyond focusing on activities you love, focus on creating spaces that make you feel the way you want to during this fall season. It's all about creating an atmosphere, not just something that looks pretty or Instagram worthy.

Here are some items to consider when you are getting ready to decorate for the fall to make the most out of your space and your budget.

A simple garland

Switching out your green or floral garlands for the fall leaf variety is a quick and easy way to get the fall vibes rolling.

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Grab a cozy knit pillow

I love knit pillows. Depending on the type, you can use these all year, but they really shine during the fall season. Go super chunky and rustic for an authentic feel. You can even save some money and buy pillow covers. This is a great way to save space and swap out pillows from season to season.

Light a candle

Generally, I believe that a lot of decorators leave out aspects that appeal to all of our senses. The biggest? Smell. You can really set the tone of your home with what smells it's filled with. Go for warm spice candles or boil some spices in water to make your entire home smell like fall. I personally like the wicks that crackle like a fire. Having that sound can add to the smells and the overall sensation.

The classic wreath

This is another easy and quick swap. Wreathes are great because they are so versatile for every season and you have endless options!

Wrap up in a warm blanket

Blankets are a great, functional piece of décor. Opt for higher quality blankets that will stay pretty even after using them over and over. The entire point of blankets is to keep warm, not to just look pretty. For the fall, you want to stick with natural tones and A LOT of texture.

Set out pumpkins and gourds

Bring nature inside to use as décor. Scatter these natural beauties around as a dining center piece, on your side tables or on shelves and mantels.

Go natural with flowers

Mums are my favorite fall flower. But you can find a lot of great options to use during this time of year!

Change out your wall décor

There are endless possibilities for wall décor. I like swapping out pieces each season so I don't have to create new nail holes in the wall. I love this gather sign below because it is a great reminder of the season to come.

Acknowledge what you're wearing

What you are wearing has an impact on how you feel in your home. It is just not how your home looks but how you feel within it. For fall, I like effortless cozy knits and thick socks.

Roll out a new rug

Rugs have the ability to make or break a room. They can tie a whole room together or make the room feel chaotic. To switch seasons, swap the colors, tones and patterns of the rug. You could also opt for one that has a more rustic, cozy texture.

Indulge in donuts and cider

So we have covered smell, touch, and sight. We must not forget taste! Think about what your favorite foods are during this season. Make sure to indulge just a little bit!

Brew some spiced tea and coffee

Another fall favorite of mine is a good spiced drink. These drinks smell and taste like fall. Including the sense of taste will add to the overall feel of your home.

Set out fall inspired literature

Reading or watching your favorite fall-ish stories can put you in the right mood. Make time for yourself to delve into these wonderful stories and really embrace this seasons spirit.

Buy new hand soaps

It really comes down to the small things. Adding just a small hint of fall can really enhance the seasons vibes.

Change your table runners

One last small change to make to your home is to swap our your table runner. This is a cost effective way to update décor each season and give a room new energy.

DIY a center Piece

Get creative with center pieces for your dining table. A favorite I came across was to use bird feathers, fresh sticks and twine. This is very rustic chic. Get creative with this and have some fun!

Make a few (or all!) of these changes to your home in preparation for fall. Really make it yours and inspire yourself. You do not need to change a lot or spend a fortune to achieve this feeling. Less is more. Embrace this change of season to its fullest by surrounding yourself with it. Take this advice and apply it all year round. Whether you want to decorate for each season or not, you can apply this philosophy.

As always, thank you for visiting me today. If you liked this article, please scroll down a little further and give it a like or comment to let me know!

I would love if you joined in on my community and become a regular! Happy fall y'all!


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