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Christmas decorations that will make your house a Christmas wonderland

You can never have enough Christmas decor! And everyone knows it is the little touches that make your home welcoming and cozy. These 7 Christmas DIYs will give your house that extra burst of jolly,joy and cozy during the holiday season!

During the winter you want to stock up on cozy pillows to cuddle up with while drinking your hot cocoa. Try out this affordable DIY to make your pillows a little bit more cozy and your house a lot more festive.

Credit: My Attic

I love this idea and actually did this for my sister a few years ago. It is a great diy but also a project that can have a lot of meaning as well. Take dried flowers from an important event, such as a wedding, and give it as a gift to a newlywed! Or keep a part of your tree every year as a memento!

3. Christmas Candle Centerpiece

This is a simple DIY that helps incorporate more nature into your home besides just your lovely tree. You can keep these simple and use things around the house or yard, or you could spend a little more for some faux berries to brighten up the pieces as well.

Making your guests feel special and welcome is an important part of any party. I love this personal touch that you can add to a table placement with just a few different supplies. Your guest will get a little joy out of it and will be less likely to fuss over who to sit by and what seat they want.

5. Simple and Beautiful Christmas Wrapping

With your entire house looking festive and spectacular, the last you think you want is the gifts under the tree looking messy and out of place. Arts and crafts paper is actually a lot cheaper and sturdier than other wrapping paper and looks classic as well. I love the addition of the sprigs which give it a polished and finished look. I recommend wrapping some empty boxes and using these as décor all around the house!

6. Christmas Tree Wood Planks

So this pin is not actually a DIY but it absolutely can be. Find some old wood and white or cream-colored paint to get started! I love this idea because it allows for the whole family to get involved. This does not take a lot of skill and can be a great conversation starter or a great memory to look back on one day!

7. Stuffed Mitten Door Hanging

This is a very sweet and unique way to decorate your front door! The thing that is so appealing about this is all the different textures that you can incorporate. You might even be able to find a lot of the supplies you need already in and around your home!

If you are in the mood to keep this Christmas reading going, check out 6 Gifts for the Photographer in Your Life!

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