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8 Ways to Keep a Clean House

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Let’s face it... we are all walking mess makers. Keeping a clean home is a never-ending and daunting task. I never have been on top of my cleaning and it began to bug me how every weekend I felt like I was cleaning the whole day just to repeat it the next weekend. There are small steps, however, you can take every day so that your house stays clean without losing your mind.

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Do laundry every day

If you have laundry machines in your home, I highly recommend this. Finally facing 4 loads of laundry after putting it off is never fun. If you do it every day, or every other day if you are just one person, it will put an end to this horrible cycle. You will find that you will be more likely to fold your laundry right away as well if there is a small amount than a whole mountain to tackle.

Do the dishes everyday

This is the same idea… Dishes are not pretty and can ruin an otherwise clean kitchen. It will be so much easier to do a nights dishes every day than a weeks’ worth at the end of the week.

Clean up after snacks and meals

Merely wiping down the counter every night will go a long way. It is the build up day after day that makes a house seem dirty.

Take care of mail and other paper

I find this to be the number one clutter item in my home. I let mail stack up or start a pile or random semi important papers that turn into an eyesore quickly. Find a home for them or recycle those bad boys instead of letting them sit around.

Pick up on the go

If you are getting up to leave a room, take care of a few things on your way out. If you set a rule that 2 things need to be straightened up every time you leave a room your house will stay clutter-free.

Tidy any surfaces

A big culprit of clutter is letting stuff build up on your countertops, tables, and vanities. Do a quick sweep of these throughout the day and before bed.

Do small tasks throughout the week

Take 5 minutes here and there to dust, clean the bathroom sink, etc. These smaller tasks will add up and nearly effortlessly keep the house clean. Letting the dirt and dust build until you have to do a big cleaning is not the answer.

Realize your house cannot always be perfect

To keep a clean house without going crazy you have to realize that messes happen. A home cannot be perfectly clean every single minute of every day. Keeping up with these small tasks above can go a long way to keep large messes away but you still need to be aware that messes do happen and are not the end of the world!

Our homes are an extension of ourselves but they also have an impact on us and our mind. Keep them clean can help us live better! Thanks for reading, I hope you come back soon!

If you have any other home/design/life questions, let me know below by commenting or live chatting me.


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