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9 most popular decor styles and how to incorporate them into your home

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Finding and understanding your design style can not only help you create a home you love but also for a lower price. When you don't understand your style you can end up spending your time and hard-earned money creating spaces that you don't even like.. To bypass this I am going to go through each style and the elements that make them what they are.

While reading through this, take note of what you like and what you don't. Pay attention to what you are drawn to and what inspires you. The best part is, you can mix and match a few of these styles and make them your own! Alright, let's get to it.

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1. Modern Farmhouse


Modern farmhouse takes the best elements of traditional farmhouse style and elevates them with modern touches. Think vintage, rustic, botanicals, wrought iron, clean lines, and shiplap. This style is inviting, cozy and clean.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Neutral palette

+ White walls

+ Shiplap

+ Wrought iron

+ Wood

+ Exposed brick

+ Exposed wood beams

+ Vintage pieces

+ Slip covers

2. Mid-Century Modern


Mid-Mod is defined by its clean lines, gentle curves and simplistic style. This style uses a mix of organic and geometric forms to create a seamless, functional space. Mid-mod might be for you like minimal design with striking clean lines.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Hairpin legs

+ Warm woods

+ Egg chairs

+ Curved furniture

+ Bold geometric patterns

+ Angled legs

3. Industrial


Warehouses and factories are the inspiration for this manly style. This design relies heavily upon the architecture of your space. Exposed architectural elements such as bricks, beams and pipes, cement/concrete, metal staircases, and huge windows are solid bases for this style. Adding leather couches, darker elements, wood and metal accent pieces will take this style even further.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Metal

+ Exposed architectural elements

+ Leather

+ Dark furniture

+ Wood

+ Open floor plans

4. Transitional


Transitional design embodies elements from traditional and contemporary elements. This style mixes the new style of glass and chrome with traditional textures and furniture. This style is for you if you like the idea of a modern home, but one that has cozy elements as well.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Minimalism

+ Molding

+ Metal and glass

+ Clean lines

+ Simple colors

5. Bohemian


The Boho is an eclectic and exciting style that highlights you and your life experiences. It emphasizes worldly influences, natural elements, and rich textures. This type of style builds over time as you curate pieces from your life. This style is for those who are free-flowing spirits, travelers and those in tune with nature.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Bold patterns

+ Rattan

+ Vintage items

+ Global influences

+ Plants, plants and more plants

+ Natural textures

+ Persian rugs

+ Woven wall hangings

6. Minimalism


Minimalism is more of a mindset that a design style. This style will appeal to you if you want to get rid of excess and strip your home down to only the basics. This simple design shines in open floor plans, plain walls, and simple colors.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Limited palettes

+ monochromatic

+ Few embellishments

+ Clean lines

+ Open spaces

+ Less stuff

7. French Country


French country is an effortlessly elegant style that focuses on relaxed, distressed, and subdued accents. This style strikes a balance between elegance and rustic elements by using natural elements, warm palettes, and mixing the old and new. This style might be for you if you like vintage pieces but want to keep your home elegant and elevated.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Natural materials

+ Stone walls and floors

+ Raw wood

+ Antiques

+ Ceramics

+ Woven + wire baskets

+ Toile fabric

+ Gold and silver accents

+ Traditional art

8. Scandinavian


This design style focuses on functionality and minimalism. Within this design, there is a focus on natural elements including materials such as leather, wood, and hemp. Even though the style is based on sleek decor, it remains cozy and inviting. This home might be for you if you like the idea of having a natural, easy-going home.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ Monochromatic

+ White walls

+ Natural light

+ Sleek furniture

+ Warm natural accents

9. Traditional


A traditional home decor style embraces 18th and 19th-century European decor. This style expresses timeless elegance and comfort. This style might be for you if you love antiques, art history, and traditional architectural design.

Elements needed to create this style:

+ statement mirrors and art

+ gilded picture frames

+ cabriole leg furniture

+ tufted sofas and chairs

+ wingback chairs

+ various patterns

+ a mix of textures such as silk, velvet, leather

+ strong moldings and other architectural elements

If you have any questions on how to figure out your style or how to incorporate it please let me know below! You can also subscribe to get helpful tips sent right to your inbox.



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