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How to Put More YOU in Your Home

As you guys know, I'm a firm believer that our homes should be a reflection of ourselves. They should be a place where we feel inspired, happy, and energized but at the same time secure and relaxed. We also need them to be functional and want them to be pretty while at the same time not only serving us but our whole family as well. This is one tall order if you ask me. With so much to achieve in our homes, we can get overwhelmed, confused and end up with a home that has only half of this equation solved.

If your house is full of your passions but feels cluttered - you'll lack the relaxing factor that makes home, well, home.

If your home is pretty, clean, and relaxing but not functional - you'll be frustrated at how you interact with your home.

If your home is functional but lacks personality - you'll be missing the inspiration to be yourself and pursue a life you love.

Okay, Darci.. but how do I do this? Hold on, hold on.. I'll get to this amazing secret here shortly..

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What we put in our homes matters. This post marks the beginning of a series highlighting how to insert your passions and your family's passions into your home while keeping things functional and aesthetically pleasing. Within my family and my own personal experience, this has been a huge problem.

I love my quirks, my silly interests that make me, me. They inspire me, they are a part of who I am - so I want to show that off in my home. Disney reminds me to stay young and not take life too seriously. Harry Potter makes me feel happy and like anything is possible. Sports have been a huge part of my life and where I learned most of my life lessons. La La Land is my favorite movie and reminds me to keep on dreaming. Big Band music makes me want to dance for hours on end. I could go on and on!

THESE are the feelings I want to be reminded of every single day. This is how I want to feel in my home.

However... farmhouse style makes me feel cozy, secure, and relaxed. Clearly my passions and my decor style don't naturally fit together at first glance. But there are ways you can incorporate the things you love into your home AND mesh them in with your style without compromises. Whether you love Star Wars, The Rolling Stones, Gillmore Girls, or Shakespeare, there are ways to add touches of your favorite items to your home without sacrificing the style of your dream home. This is a great way to include items your family loves into your home as well! Everyone in your house should feel at home and just as inspired as you do. Think of that poster that your husband or boyfriend keeps asking to hang up that matches NOTHING else. It's important to them, so it should be important to you too!

Disclaimer- NO kitschy objects on your mantel and no loud posters on your walls!

Alright so finally, here are my secret ways to incorporate the things you love into your home while keeping true to your design style. No compromises here!

1. Posters

Head over to Esty and you'll find stylish posters for just about every single topic you can imagine. Posters are a great way to add a subtle touch of your passions into your home without it being too much or out of your style. While I recommend passing on the actual Marvel movie posters, I would recommend checking Esty for a simple version that would better suit your style.

For an added touch, consider framing your posters before hanging them. This can really tie a room together and give your print an upscale finish!

2. Color Schemes

You can also take the color schemes or patterns from whatever show, movie, or wardrobe that inspires you to use around your home. If you want, you can make this the theme of an entire room or you can use it in smaller items like pillows, throws, rugs, etc. The best part about this one is that it doesn't have scream the theme, just hint at it. This should blend well with your home, so maybe it will just be your secret to enjoy.

3. Furniture

While I was flea market shopping recently, I walked by a wardrobe that stopped both my mother and I in our tracks. At the same time we both said.. does that remind you of Beauty and the Beast? I immediately texted my sister and she said the same thing even though I didn't mention the connection. This wardrobe is worn down and would fit perfectly in my style, but every time I look at it I'm instantly reminded of Beauty and the Beast (my favorite princess movie growing up.) So I challenge you to find vintage pieces that trigger certain memories and that can stand as a reminder of your passions in your home.

4. Art

For this, I will use the example of making a gallery wall. Gallery walls are a great way to introduce interesting color, texture, size, and shape. They create a lot of variety in a space and can make a bold statement on an otherwise large, blank wall. In Harry Potter, the walls are covered in moving pictures. While I can't help you make your pictures move - I can suggest copying this idea of a crowded wall of interesting photos, posters, art, etc. and using it in your home! It's a fun idea and the best part is if you get tired of any of the art of the frames, you can just swap them out.

5. Hardware

The hardware you use everywhere in your home can drastically change the tone. You can find hardware that reminds you of Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter. This one takes a little bit more searching but it is possible!

6. Taking Actual Decor Hints from your Favorite Fandoms

See a couch you like? Search for it. See a rug that is to die for? Head to Google. See a bookshelf arrangement you love? Get reorganizing. It might seem nerdy to try emulating the exact look of a room from your favorite movie or show, but this is a great way to incorporate these interests into your home seamlessly.

Does this interest you? Make sure to leave a like!

Want specific advice on your fandoms, passions or interests? Comment below and let me know which you would like to hear about first!


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