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How to Decorate with a Record Player

Interior design and decorating your home is about more than the pretty objects that you pick to display. It is about creating spaces in which you are fully able to be yourself. To accomplish this, we need to be aware of all the ways we interact with the space. What do you enjoy about your home? What do you wish your home had more of?

When I took a hard look at my life and my home, I realized I was missing something that is very important to me. Music.

Occasionally I would play music off of my phone or laptop, but that is not the same as having a dedicated space in which I could collect and enjoy something that is so important to me. I decided to take the plunge and buy a record player. This really allowed me to interact with the music, be conscious of what I was listening to and how I was listening to it. What we listen to also has an effect on how we perceive and interact with our spaces. A record player makes you interact with the design in more than one way which elevates not only your space, but your relationship with it as well.

When I first bought the record player, I did not really have a place for it. For a while, it sat on the floor if I am being completely honest with you. Since this was such an important piece for me and my home, however, I wanted to make a statement out of it. To do this, I decided to create a set up that was inviting and functional.

I mixed a few styles to create this effortless look and embraced the bold color choices to really make this area in my home pop! Focusing on this area allows for it to become a focal for me to interact with as well as a place that people tend to gravitate towards during a get together. When something is tucked away, no one will notice or care. But, if you make a focal point out of a fun accent like this, it will become more important in your life!

Disclosure: I have placed some affiliate links below that I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Keep in mind, however, these are all my personal recommendations that I stand by. I would not bring them to you if I did not believe in each item. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to

The record player

I decided to buy a 1byone record player. After a lot of searching, this is a solid player that is affordable. No need to break the bank on this one! The color is true to the images and it sounds great! So far, I have had no problems with the quality of this record player. I was drawn to this one in particular because of the vintage inspired case. It also closes up which allows for easy travel if you are moving or want to take it to a friends!

Click this images to shop!

The end table

I LOVE this end table. I did, however, buy the one pictured from Target a few years ago. You can shop a similar one from Amazon below! There is A LOT of functional drawer space to keep anything you might need for your record player or just for extra storage in your home. The black is a classic choice that will make your record player pop and stand out. This mid-century modern style piece can blend in with your current furniture no matter the style! It is a solid, affordable piece, that will last any wear and tear.

The rug

Alright, if you have read one of my posts before, you know how I feel about rugs... If not, here we go. Rugs make or break a design. They are the final touch that can bring a room together or destroy your vision. I love this rug because of the bright colors and traditional pattern. It highlights the color of the record player and contrasts nicely with the black of the table. This runner is great for entry ways, or highlighting spaces like the one I have created. Overall, this particular runner is exceptionally wonderful considering how affordable it is. The colors came through bright and it’s relativity soft. It has maintained its quality even though it is in a high traffic area of my home!

The record

If you have not seen La La Land, stop everything and go watch it right this moment. Then invest in the record because the music sounds incredible on vinyl.

Not shown

I did not include this in my image/gif above, but you can also store your records right below the table. Either stack them on the floor or lean them against the legs. This creates a more wholesome, boho feel. Having them out creates a more welcoming nature to the record player for your guests as well!

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