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How to decorate with Plants like Joanna Gaines

Updated: May 2, 2021

One of the things that sticks out to me most about Joanna Gaines and her designs is her use of plants throughout each home. Adding this greenery adds a sense of nature, color, and interesting pattern. They can add visual interest to an otherwise boring corner of a room. Plants can also give you a sense of responsibility and accomplishment while taking care of them.

I myself am nearing 30 plants..(!) I love to use them in every room and even have a few faux plants to decorate with as well! Which is totally fine too if you do not have a green thumb. So here are a few ways that Joanna Gaines uses plants to decorate in her Fixer Upper designs!

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1. Hanging Plants

Using hanging plants is a great way to utilize vertical space in your homes. Most things we put higher up in a room are flat against the wall or just slightly off it. (With the exception of a light fixture of course) So, that leaves a lot of space which can make a room feel empty or wasted. Adding a hanging plant or a group of them is also a great way to incorporate plants into your home if you do not have a lot of space on the floor or on shelving!

2. On Bookshelves

Joanna LOVES to use plants as fillers on shelving. This is a great way to add visual and tactile texture to a space. A plant will often break up a bookshelf with the bold color and interesting shapes. Variety adds a sense of hominess and is more interesting to the eye.

3. In Every Room

There is no rule that says plants can only go in certain rooms. In my opinion, they should go in every room. Even the bathroom! Do some research on which plants would do best in different lighting situations. Chances are some rooms are darker than others which is a great opportunity to use a low light plant that would thrive in those spaces. This is also a great time to introduce faux plants.

4. Use real and Faux plants

Although Jojo is a self proclaimed plant lady and garden mama.. she uses faux plants. Sometimes it makes more sense for the design as well as for the homeowner. If you are going to kill every plant, then go faux! No shame here. If you are new to plants but want to decorate your home with them, maybe grab a few starter plants and some faux greenery to begin!

5. On the Mantel

One of the best places to use faux plants is on a mantel. Adding a garland to a mantel can bring a lot of greenery to a room without feeling like you are in a jungle.

6. Centerpieces and Countertops

Joanna always finishes out each home with a touch of greenery on the centerpieces or on countertops. Adding fresh or faux plants to your tablescape will add the perfect small touch to a room. It makes a room feel very thought out even though the idea is so simple.

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