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How to make the most out of your small space

Decorating small spaces can be a difficult challenge. Most rooms we see on Instagram or Pinterest are fairly large homes where people have access to do more with their spaces. But what are you to do if your space is on the smaller side? Trying to emulate the larger spaces when you have a small space is not the way to go.

Not to worry though, there are steps you can take to make the most out of your smaller spaces!

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1. Utilize the lighting

Lighting can be a game-changer in your home or apartment. Take advantage of all the natural lighting options you have in your home. When you put up window treatments make sure that the blinds don't cover any of the windows when open. If you don't have a lot of natural light, make sure that you introduce better artificial lighting with lamps or light fixtures.

2. Keep it functional

In smaller spaces, you want to focus on the essentials for the room to function. There's not a lot of room for extra pieces of furniture or large decor. Decide what the bare minimums are for the space and stick to only those items.

3. Opt for a few large pieces rather than a TON of little pieces

When we think of small spaces we often shy away from any large pieces of furniture. Having one or two large pieces will define the room where a lot of smaller pieces will make it feel disjointed and overfull. Make sure that the larger furniture you include FITS in your space. When I say large I do not mean pieces that overflow into the next room or makes it so you cannot move around.

4. Get a mirror, or two... or three

Mirrors help make a space seem much larger. It is an optical illusion that I gladly welcome in my home and smaller spaces. Having mirrors will also help with lighting, making your small space seem larger and airier.

5. Don't crowd the room with a lot of small decor items

We think because we have a small space we need to put a lot of small items in the room. This will make the room feel crowded and smaller than it actually is. Like with furniture, go for a few larger pieces than a lot of smaller pieces. It will give definition to the room and let each item meet its full potential.

Have any other small space questions? Let me know by commenting below!


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