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What HGTV pros do that you are missing

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I recently had a chat with a Boston Interior designer through my work. We had an awesome conversation on how interior design cannot just be about visual style. In order to have complete success and feel like your home is complete (like a pro), you need to cater to all of your senses. If you keep this in mind when decorating your home (and living your life), it will feel more complete and you will feel more at home than you ever have. Channel all of your senses when decorating your home and you will soon create a home that is HGTV worthy!


This one is a given for interior design. Sight is about where it caps off when trying to get the style of home décor you want for most people. Things do need to look pretty and how you want them to. But you can get the total package of a home when you start incorporating the other 4 senses.


The textures of everything in your home play a huge part of the feel of a space whether you realize it or not. If you want a cozy farmhouse you will want to pay attention to which fabrics you are using. You will want to mix and match patterns and textures to bump up the touch factor. As humans, we are very tactile so catering to that will make your home feel more alive and homey just the way you want it to.


Although you probably have candles here and there in your home already, really take the time to think about what smells will enhance your style. There are candles that smell like the beach for those who have an easy going cottage feel; candles that smell like pie or fresh cotton are great for traditional farmhouse. Basically, think about the why behind your style and incorporate the associated smells!


This one is a little different than the rest. It really goes into your lifestyle more than decorating. But if you want a natural feel in your home.. think about the things you are cooking and eating. Your home is an extension of yourself and everything you do goes into that. To complete the natural feel in your home fruits and veggies will go a long way.


Hearing is a little harder to do than the rest in my opinion. But think music, water features, what noises are coming from outside. Those also play into creating the whole effect of how you want your home to feel. This can be as simple as buying a Woodwick candle that sounds like a crackling fire to add a classic homey feel.

When decorating your home and making it feel like you want to.. you need to think about all the aspects of your life. This goes beyond the senses but they are a great place to start. I also would like to challenge you to think about what you are wearing, what you do in your home, and even how you treat it. Everything plays into how your home feels and when creating this.. you should consider all of these factors. If you have any questions or what one on one advice hit me up in the comments below or find my on Instagram! I would be happy to help!


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