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Favorite Amazon Fall Outfit Finds

So.. who else is ready for FALL? Pumpkins? Chunky knit sweaters? I never want to rush time, but as the air begins to cool and the days get shorter, I cannot help but get excited for the next season to come. In great anticipation, I went to Amazon to do a little fall outfit shopping.

When shopping, I keep a few things in mind to make sure pieces are worth the purchases. Is the piece classic? Quality? Versatile? This criteria helps me keep my wardrobe timeless, away from trends, full of pieces that will LAST, and items I can use to make endless outfit options.

I am a firm believer in staying away from trends. Generally, trends come for a year or two then are gone for a long while, if not forever. By purchasing classic pieces, your wardrobe will most likely never go out of style!

That being said, this Fall Amazon outfit met all the criteria and you might even have some of the pieces in your closest already to complete the look!

Disclosure: I have placed some affiliate links below that I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Keep in mind, however, these are all my personal recommendations that I stand by. I would not bring them to you if I did not believe in each item. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to

The Skirt

Normally, my outfits start out with inspiration from one piece. For this outfit, this was the skirt. I really wanted to find a quality skirt that could transition summer to fall and that could be worn all the way through spring. This Corduroy skirt is the perfect color to do just that. It is a pretty thick material but not too hot, and it will help keep you as warm as a skirt can when it begins to get cold out.

Pair this with tights, boots and a chunky sweater and you will have the makings of the perfect fall outfit. This skirt could be dresses up or down making a great addition to your collection.

Click this image below to shop:

The Hat

This hat is another fairly classic piece that you can take from season to season effortlessly. It can work with a stunning high fashion dress or with jeans and a graphic tee. Like most hats, this is a lifesaver for bad hair days and will be the finishing touch you need for your outfit. One downside of this hat is that is gets pretty toasty. This can be an upside in the winter, but on some warmer fall days be aware of this!

The Shirt

Chances are you already have a white long sleeve in your closet. If not, invest in one. This is a HIGHLY versatile piece that can be worm with almost anything. You can wear a scarf, a necklace or a sweater over it to add a little bit of character.

The Shoes

There are my favorite shoes right now. The white is a stunning addition to most outfits and tennis shoes add a fun flare! With this outfit you could also exchange the sneakers for a short or tall pair of chunky heal booties to take it to the next level.

The Bag

I often opt for a small crossbody bag most days. Keeping your bag a neutral color makes sure that it will match every outfit.

The Necklace

My favorite type of necklaces are nature inspired. I got this one at a vintage shop so I do not have the direct link.. But check out amazon to find one you love!

Thanks for visiting today! I wish you a cozy fall season, filled with spiced lattes, cozy sweaters and happiness!



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