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Stop being down - 19 Habits that happy people do every day

I used to think there was a secret formula to being happy.. if I do x,y, and z by a certain age - I will be happy. Everything will be perfect! But within the last few years, I have realized that happiness is not about following societal norms or sticking to some prescribed plan I set for myself. Life changes and it often does not turn out how we expect or how we wanted. But the good thing is what we wanted may not always be what is best for us. We can take unexpected turns in our life and make them something amazing, something even better than you ever imagined.

Happiness is about rolling with the punches and actively choosing happiness. It is not something where you just wake up one day and you're happy! Happiness is a choice, a mindset, something we all continually need to work at. Even the happiest people have to make this CHOICE. Bad things happen and they will continue to happen, but it is your choice to get up in the morning and focus on the positive rather than the negative. Stop saying "I'd be happy if..." and "I'll be happy when..."Instead try saying "I will have a great day today!" and make it great no matter what happens.

We often think that outside forces, our boss, our financial level, etc are holding us back. But in my personal opinion and experience, I think we are the ones that hold ourselves back. Focusing on happiness and positivity is one way to curb this habit. So here are habits that happy people do every single day.

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1. Happy people do work they believe in

This is SO important. You spend 40 hours a week working. So make those hours count. Do something you are proud of, help build towards something you believe in, or take a lower-paying job to break into your dream field. Life is too short to always be frustrated by the work you are doing. Choose to take a risk and do what fulfills you. Even if this is scary, know your passion will take you far.

2. Happy people march to their own beat

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Do what makes you happy. Be weird. Weird out. Weird all the freaking time. Be yourself and own it, your unique qualities will help you shine.

3. Happy people stop to smell the roses

This is one is possibly my favorite one. We tend to grab on to the negative moments.. so it is important to really live in the good ones. Really try to focus on the smallest moments that make you happy. Working in the garden, having a hot cup of coffee on the porch, or just the sun shining on your face. Cling to these moments and truly appreciate them.

4. Happy people focus on gratitude

Try to find even the smallest things to be grateful for. I personally like to reflect at the end of the day on five things I was grateful for that day. The list often is made of all small things or very simple things like having a job or talking to my best friend.

5. Happy people show they are grateful through small meaningful gestures

Spending money on others actually brings us more happiness than spending money on ourselves. The smallest gesture can show how much you care, even if it actually costs nothing! Surprise your friend with a coffee or pick up a book you think they would like.

6. Happy people let go

Holding on to grudges does nothing but hurt you. It does not help the issue, it makes no difference to your wellbeing. Let go of those negative things in your life by accepting things for what they are.

7. Happy people surround yourself with the right people

Having the right people around you can change your life. Be friends with people who give you confidence, who support you and make you feel good. Be friends with people who take you just how you are and will always cheer for you no matter what.

8. And say goodbye to those who bring you down

While this is always a hard thing to do, not everyone you meet is good for you. Not everyone has your best interest in mind and can drag you down. Negative people will make you more negative and will always try to bring you down to that level. Side note: If anyone ever makes fun of you for not knowing something instead of kindly explaining.. I would recommend saying goodbye. This is one of my favorite ways to really understand someone.

9. Happy people work to be positive.. even when its really hard

Life is hard. It can be crazy and sometimes everything seems to fall apart all at once. But as I mentioned above it is a choice to be happy. To find the silver lining in even the worst of days. You can lean into the negativity which I promise will only bring on more hurt or you can look for the positive and hold on tight.

10. Happy people think about growth

Happy people are always thinking about self-improvement. This includes personal and professional growth. Growth, while sometimes painful, is an essential part of life.

11. Happy people take risks

I live by the rule that the best things in life are right on the other side of risks.. Risks help you grow, they show you what you are made of, they can bring so much joy discovering things you wish you had tried earlier.

12. Happy people follow a schedule

Having morning and nightly routines helps keep you grounded and organized. Routines make everything smooth so you stay busy but not rushed. Add something you enjoy in your morning routine like reading a chapter of your book or sipping coffee on the porch. While this will make you get up a little earlier, having this small does of joy to start your day will make it that much better.

13. Happy people workout

This one is pretty self-explanatory.. when you are healthy you feel good and when you feel good you're happier. So get to it!

14. Happy people meditate

Meditation is really just about connecting with your mind and body. Take a break from all your screens and all the noise and just be with yourself. Acknowledge what comes up in your thoughts or try focusing on a certain dream or goal of yours. Focus on your breathing and you will become a master at calming your mind and lasering in on what matters in no time.

15. Happy people have meaningful conversations

Skip the small talk and dive into deep conversations. Talk about what makes you vulnerable. This will help you create deeper connections with those around you.

16. Happy people are not materialistic

Spend your money on experiences, not the latest fads. And remember to live in those moments while you're in them!

17. Happy people never stop dreaming

Dream big.. then dream even BIGGER. No matter how much it seems like things won't work - keep on dreaming.

18. Happy people make lots of time for friends and family

No matter how busy you are, slow down and make time for your loved ones. This life means nothing if we have no one to share it with.

19. Happy people get outside

This is so simple and can make such a difference. Breathe in some fresh air, feel the sand beneath your toes and the sun on your face. Run in a field of flowers. Let your inner child shine and lead the way.

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