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13 things to Add to Your List for the Perfect Trip to Waco, TX

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Hey, all you lovely people! Happy Tuesday!

I recently went to Waco ,Texas for the second time. Yes, the home of Chip and Joanna Gaines and the Magnolia Silos! One of the first things people say to me when I mention my trip are the negative events that happened in that city. We do have a responsibility to remember history so we do not repeat it, but it is also our responsibility to grow and make things better! That is exactly what the Gaines are doing to that little city. I hope to keep spreading this message, just like them, so people know it for the good things happening there now rather than the bad of the past.

Now having been there twice, I have found even more spots for you to enjoy on your trip! Waco is a cute little town with a lot to offer. So when you go make sure to not just go to the Silos but to check out some other spots around town too!

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In no particular order, here are my favorite things to do in Waco, Texas!

1. The Magnolia Market (601 Webster Ave, Waco)

I recently posted a picture of me at the Silos and captioned it “The most magical place in the world.” I was only half-joking. The silos have a lot to offer including food trucks, retail, room to play, a gardening shop, and a bakery!

This is truly just a fun place to hang out, shop, eat, chat, or meet new people. If I lived in Waco, I would use this place as inspiration as I worked or would take a book and have something from the bakery for a ‘Treat yo’ self day!’

As a northern girl, the 100 degree was a lot to sit in for a long time. If you go during the summer, just be prepared for the heat. I did not spend as much time there as I could have because of the warmth, but it was bearable for a while. Remember to take sunscreen to keep your skin happy!

2. Get a Cupcake

The Magnolia Bakery is no joke. Those cupcakes are SO good. They have regular flavors but have new flavors each season. This summer (2019) they have a strawberry lemonade that was my favorite out of the 6 I tried. (Whoops. I had to take one for the team and get the scoop for you all!) Sometimes the line can be long but most of it is in shade, the line goes quick, and you can sit and enjoy your treats outside afterward!

3. Try a food Truck

One of my favorite things about the Magnolia Market is the food trucks. I recommend trying a few! A few years ago we got crepes and coffee but this time we went for a new fun truck! Luna Juice Bar gives you whole coconuts or small watermelons with different flavor juices! I tried the strawberry and basil juice in the watermelon. It was the perfect refreshment for such a hot day outside. It cost $11 which I thought was a little pricey but we needed something to cool us down so it was well worth it.

4. The Little Shop on Bosque (3801 Bosque Blvd, Waco)

If you want to check out where Magnolia began and get some pretty good deals while you are at it, head to the Little Shop on Bosque. This building is where Joanna first open her shop. It currently holds discounted items that are out of season or discontinued. There were great deals there on big and small items!

I found some great candle holders here that were HALF OFF! Since they are now discounted you cannot find them online through Magnolia. Here are some similar ones that I love!

5. Take a tour

Waco Tours will take you around town showing off the best parts and some of the hot spots from TV. I have not personally done this tour but I imagine it could be really fun! If you are more of a tour person, know they have this option for you too.

6. Magnolia Table (2132 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco)

The first thing on my list for this last trip was to head to Magnolia Table. A few years ago when I had made the trip, the building was not open or even done yet! I was so excited for this brunch I basically starved myself so I could eat as much as I could there. The restaurant is open from 6 AM to 3 PM since it is a breakfast place.

We arrived around 11 and put our name in to sit at the community table. The wait otherwise was about 45 minutes. (which would have been fine if I had not starved myself, ha!) We only ended up waiting about 30 ish minutes which went by fast. There is a to-go shop in the waiting area outside where we grabbed a coffee to sip on before breakfast.

Inside, the décor is absolutely stunning and perfect. I think it is some of the best work from the show and it is also some of the best food I have had! You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu!

7. Walk around downtown

Waco Texas has an incredibly adorable downtown where the Silos are located. I had a lot of fun just taking in the Texan town which was very interesting and relaxing. There is not a lot to see but you will get a quick feel for the town and might even stumble upon a hidden gem!

8. Clint Harp Co (808 N 15th St, Waco)

If you are a fan of Fixer Upper, you know Clint Harp and his stunning tables very well. His shop is not far from the Silos and is filled with quality products that I wish I could have taken home with me!

9. George’s (1925 Speight • Waco TX)

I did not get to go to George’s this time around but I highly recommend it! This was my experience from my first trip:

“I started with a refreshing peachy (and alcoholic) drink. This icy drink hit the spot; cooling me down in the steamy 90-degree weather. For my entree, I ordered fajita steak tacos which were the perfect choice. With some cool ranch (which tasted just like Little Caesar’s used to make before they switched to prepacked!) was the perfect pairing for the peppers and cilantro that topped the charred steak.”

The price was decent and clearly, past me thought the food was quite delicious.

10. Pie Peddlers (300 S 6th St #104, Waco)

This is a local pie shop that I stumbled upon. The obvious choice was peach pie a la mode and I was not disappointed in any way. The peaches were sweet and the crust nice and crunchy. If cupcakes are not your thing, I would head here for some yummy pie! It was a fun discovery that we found just wandering around the town. Maybe do the same and see if you can find another gem!

11. Common Ground (1123 S 8th St, Waco)

Common Ground is a great coffee shop! The owners were on the Fixer Upper to buy their new home. I had a Chai Tea Latte which was yummy and the prices were fair. If you like cute coffee shops, head here!

12. The Findery (501 S 8th St, Waco)

The Findery is another adorable home décor shop. If you are in the mood for a lot of shopping, head around town to check out other antique shops and little boutiques for some unique finds!

13. Take a drive and get lost in the country

On the way out of Waco, we did a drive around the country. We came upon some incredible views and saw some stunning ranches. We did not do this for a long amount of time but it was a beautiful day for a country drive.

No matter what you do in Waco, you will surely enjoy your trip!

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