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Where to Find the Best Cannoli in Boston's North End

So… I took one for the team and tried four different cannolis in Boston. There is a lot of debate on which one is actually the best on the internet and in town. I am here to say that I tried all of them and have a winner.

When considering which was the best, I evaluated taste, texture, filling to shell ratio, price and wait time. Although you could not go wrong with any of these places, I am about to reveal which one is the best, and it is not what all the other blogs are telling you!

Disclosure: I have placed some affiliate links below that I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Keep in mind, however, these are all my personal recommendations that I stand by. I would not bring them to you if I did not believe in each item. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to

4) In last place… Mikes Pasty

This probably comes as a big shock to you! Every other blog you read has probably told you to go here. So, guess where every single tourist ends up waiting in line for an cannoli? If you can think back to econ class… demand drives up the price!

So, if you go to Mikes, you will have a good cannoli but will have to wait in line for it, pay more for it, and know you did not just eat the best cannoli in Boston. There is too much filling for the shells, the texture seems a little off to me compared to the other 3 bakeries.

3) Bova’s

Everything from Bova’s is absolutely delicious. I recommend the lobster tails and the sliced bread. YUM. When it comes to cannolis, they are spot on. The filling has a slightly off texture, but the taste is right and so is the ratio of filling to shell. The price is great and you will not have to wait long for a cannoli from Bova’s! This shop is also open 24/7. So even with a busy vaca schedule, you will be able to find time to get a pastry at this spot.

2) Modern Bakery

Modern Bakery had a VERY good cannoli. The line was moderate, the price was decent and the service was great! The filling was fresh and was a good ratio for the shell. It is in a great spot on the main drag through the North End and has a decent amount of sitting room.

1) Maria's

Maria's seems to be overlooked to me. . . local. I did not read about it on any blogs, I only knew about it by walking by it to my apartment each day. The cannolis from here have a more traditional feel. The taste was impeccable, the ratio perfect and the price was the cheapest of the 4 places! The filling was the freshest and creamiest out of all the places as well. Even better, I walked right up, paid, and was out the door in 3 minutes.

The first three establishments were all very close. I was concerned about deciding which one was actually the best… But, the moment I tasted Maria’s cannoli, it was a done deal!

So, I urge you to skip the lines and head to Maria’s instead! That way when you get home from your trip, you can actually tell your family and friends that you had THE BEST cannoli in Boston!

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