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Your Perfect 1 Day Itinerary for Boston

So you’re only in Boston for 1 day? How do you decide what to do in a place that has so much to offer, especially if you want to keep your trip on a budget? Luckily there are lots of fun things to do all over the city for relatively cheap or even for free!

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I recommend starting in the Public Gardens. I always find it very interesting to be surrounded by such beautiful nature RIGHT in the middle of a big city. You can take a stroll around the park, sit and read or pay a few dollars for a swan boat ride in the pond. I could sit in the Public Garden all day to read or people watch and it’s never a bad place to spend some time in Boston!

After you finish in the Garden, you can walk through to the Boston Common (which was created in 1634! Woah!). You will find yourself at the start of the Freedom Trail which is jam-packed with history and interesting stops as you weave through most of downtown Boston. You will work your way through all the major spots that tell the tale of the creation of this great country we live in. There are even bricks leading your from beginning to end. It is rather long and a lot of walking, but you can stop along the way to eat, shop and stop in other attractions!

I love the option of the freedom trail because a little ways in you land in Quincy Market where you can grab almost anything you are in the mood for to eat.

Pro Tip: Go a street over to Al’s for some of the best subs and sandwiches in Boston.

You will eventually find yourself in the North End where I recommend getting some sweets from Bova’s or Modern. If you check out other blogs, they will tell you to go to Mike’s Pastry. You will end up in a long line waiting and wasting time. Take it from a local, Bova’s is far better and there are no pesky lines to wait in. Just be aware you have to spend $10 if you are using a credit card.. I made this mistake once and ended up with a lot of pastries. Not to say that I didn't thoroughly enjoy it... but my diet definitely did not!

From there, I recommend taking your desserts over to Christopher Columbus Park to sit by the water and watch the boats. This is my absolute favorite spot in Boston. Right on the water you can watch the boats and even the airplanes taking off from Logan. It feels so fresh and calming sitting on a bench or even the grass just enjoying the rest of the day. From there you can walk in either direction for a little while along the Harbor Walk and even get a seafood dinner right on the water!

There are endless things to do in this city but I love this 1 day itinerary because it is a “go at your own pace” and a “improvise where you want” itinerary. It is a very easy going day which is perfect for quick one day trips. If you try to pack too much in, you will be exhausted and feeling rushed the whole day. The best approach for day trips like these is just to have a loose plan and go from there!

When you are working on planning your day in Boston, create a generic walking plan and stray and explore as you go. Have fun and remember to wear sunscreen and a good pair of shoes to walk in!

If you have more time in Boston, or have another big trip coming up... Check out my post on City Pass. You will not regret it. Remember to share, pin and subscribe. I appreciate you visiting me today, have a lovely day!



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