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Are You Making These 5 Common Mistakes When Traveling With A Friend?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Traveling with BFF can be an absolute blast, or it can turn into a major nightmare - real fast. Before booking your next trip with one of your friends, consider these 5 things to ensure that your vacation doesn’t go south.

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1. Forgetting to ask what their travel priorities are

Know what both of your priorities and interests are before booking any tickets. Nothing can ruin a trip like wanting to do the exact opposite things on your trip… You want to see museums but your friend thinks museums are a bore, so you end up missing out on the top things on your list! Avoid this by talking about what you want to do before agreeing to a trip. Or make sure that all people are open to splitting up for a little while and meeting back together later. This happened to Kellie and I at Disney, but we are both pretty easy going and just decided to set a plan for when to meet back up so we could both cross off the last thing we wanted to do on our list.

2. Not being aware of the other persons budget

That being said, you do need to be understanding of your travel partner or group members. This applies to their budget too. If you are trying to have a lavish vacation, let the other person know. If you are balling on a budget, let the other person know. You can have wonderful vacations whether you spend a lot or a little, but this is something you need to be on the same page about so no one gets uncomfortable.

3. Travelling for a week on your first trip together

If you are still unsure whether you want to travel with a friend, test the waters first with short day or weekend trips. It is a huge mistake to make your first trip with someone a week long one. If it is someone that you have not spent more than a day with, then being with them for a whole week with no time apart might be a lot. This might sound harsh but it really is something you have to consider since you will likely be sharing everything and being together 24/7.

4. Miscommunication on plans

Dedicate one person to be in charge of transportation, reservations, etc. It could be so easy to have a misunderstanding and wind up on two separate buses or trains on your way to your destination. An easy way to avoid this is to have one person buy the tickets for everyone and then pay them back.

5. Planning too much

Like any trip, plan, but not too much! The reason traveling is so much fun is that you get to discover new places, cultures and people. If you plan too much you might miss the best things by trying to hard to stick to your plan. Be willing to compromise with your friend(s) while still making sure you get to experience your MUSTS.


1. How well do you know this person?

2. Why do they like to travel?

3. Why do they want to go on this specific trip?

4. What is your budget?

5. What is their budget?

6. How much time have you spent with this friend?

7. Who is in charge of buying tickets? Reservations?


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