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6 First Time Disney Trip Tips That Will Make Your Trip Magical

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I was so excited to be going to Disney for the first time EVER (can you believe it, in my 20’s and it was my first time I would get to experience this magical place.) But I forgot to take time and think about my budget for the trip! When Kellie suggested we go I was all in no matter what, until I started looking at the cost! (ouch!) But we were able to manage the trip at a reasonable price and had quite a lovely time. After my first ever Magic Kingdom experience I rounded up some tips for other first time goers.

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1 Keep your outfits simple

I so badly wanted to wear the cutest outfit I could find in my closet for pictures in front of the castle. . . But at the end of the day, you want to wear something simple and comfortable. I decided to go with a basic tank top and shorts with my favorite pair of Nikes. Although I did not arrive looking like a princess, I kept it effortless like one!

The pictures from the day are not spectacular but we were more focused on being present in the moment then getting all wrapped up in getting the perfect picture.

2 Pack your Lunch

Kellie and I made peanut butter and jellies and brought granola bars to enjoy while we were at the park. More than likely you will be spending all day at the park and the food is not cheap by any means. I ended up getting a small sample of food from Epcot and a Mickey Mouse ice cream to cool off but do not plan on eating every meal there!

3 Water

It is totally okay to take in your own water to Disney. We both took huge water bottles with us to sip on throughout the day. It is HOT, especially with all of the pavement and the shoulder to shoulder crowd. On a normal Florida day, it would be easy to become dehydrated, which would ruin the day!

4 Only go to One Park per Day

Although I would not take it back, I would not recommend going to two parks in one day. We started in Magic Kingdom then rode over to Epcot, then back to Magic Kingdom. It was exhausting to say the least. I had tons of fun but if you can, plan these parks on different days so that you do not feel rushed or worried you are going to miss out on something.

5 Try some food/drinks at Epcot

If you are like me, going to Europe is a little out of reach right now. Although I plan on going eventually, with school and work it is not happening any time soon. This was the reason I decided to get a drink and food while walking around Epcot. I even made a point to talk to some of the workers from other countries that manned the food stands for different countries. Take advantage of this fun opportunity to “experience the world.”

6 Be on time for the fireworks

Disney was insane. I lost track of how many times I got hit in the ankle by strollers without an apology from the adult pushing it… (common courtesy people!) I was a little sad that there were not many traditional character inspired rides. Now do not get me wrong, I still fell in love with the place, but the thing that really did it for me was the fireworks.

It was all the nostalgia that I was looking for the entire day. Everyone stopped rushing around and waited patiently for them to begin. And let me tell you, they were spectacular. It was like I was transported back to when I was four, everyone laying around watching the Disney movie pick before bedtime. It was in every sense of the word, magical.

If you have any other questions about my Disney experience or would like to share yours, leave a comment! I would love to connect with you on this!

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