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How to Plan a Home Renovation Like an HGTV Pro

Deciding to redesign a room in your home can be extremely exciting. You do, however, need to think everything through before jumping into make purchases or knocking down walls. I recommend really taking your time throughout the beginning stages of this process. This way you can avoid any mistakes, like going over your budget or realizing you do not have the skill set to complete a project. Here are some basic steps you can take from start to finish to make sure your home project goes smoothly.

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Decide what it is you want to accomplish with the redesign

The first thing you need to do is wrap your head around what it is exactly you want to do. A redesign can be as little as a fresh coat of paint and a new couch to ripping apart the entire room and starting from scratch. Whether you are like me and enjoy the idea of small transformations or want to go full #demoday, you need a plan.

Write down everything you think you might want to do. I will go through some of the things that need to be on your list below. If you are heading into this project with family members, make sure to talk to them about what you are thinking and get them on the same page. They might have some great ideas and it is always nice to warn someone if you are about to make changes to the house.

Get on Pinterest and Plan

Now that you have a simple idea of what type and size of projects you want to get into, head to the internet! Create a board on pinterest and save your thoughts and ideas there so you can reference back to them as well as make sure that everything you are choosing will go together. Pinterest is also a great place to find actual products that you can buy. Bloggers post lots of inspiration and DIY ideas and tips to Pinterest. Here you can get an idea of projects you can do yourself or maybe hire someone.

Start with the big stuff

If you are doing a large redesign I recommend starting with the bigger picture. Do not get bogged down into which throw pillow you are going to buy to finish off the room just yet. It is okay to think about that but you want to think about the big picture or things will get muddled, forgotten or mishandled. Thinking about the big picture will help you get a feel for all the smaller details later on.

Do you need to hire someone?

I fall victim to wanting to do every project myself. I always think that I can learn on the go and just make it happen. There are, however, some projects that we should never do this for. Think about your safety and the safety of your family when deciding if you need to hire someone. FYI, your husband is not an electrician. Go with the better safe than sorry motto and hire an electrician. You are spending your hard earned money on this project, so if there's any doubt that you cannot do something, I would recommend hiring someone so it does not go south. That being said, there are a lot of projects you can and should do yourself. Just be aware of your skill set and go from there.

Decide on a budget

Now that you know what you want to do and if you need to hire someone, it is time to set a budget. Setting a budget makes sure that you do not end up spending a fortune while not tracking your purchases. To do this you will need to shop around, see what the cost of things will be and be realistic. You are taking the time to redesign, do not skimp on materials that will not last, but rather find a happy medium for your budget.

Create a timeline

My family has always been a culprit of letting projects go on and on and on….. and on. If you set a timeline and stick to it, this will help you avoid just that. Talking to any contractors or people you hire to help you will help form this as well.

Get cracking!

You now have a solid foundation for your redesign. Start gathering you materials, making appointments, grab your hammer and get going! Be safe and have fun!

I would love to see some of your redesigns or help talk you through any ideas you have. More than anything, I want to get to know YOU and what content could help serve you better! Feel free to reach out and remember to subscribe! You can reach me through a live chat here on the site or send me a DM on insta @darci.lou

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