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The #1 Way You Can Spend Less while Traveling

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Looking for your next travel destination? Or do you have a big city in mind but you are not sure if you can afford it? Well, I have the answers to both of those questions! My number one money and time saver for planning trips is City Pass. I have now purchased 4 of the 14 City Pass options and I highly recommend all of them. The pass allows you to get into the best spots in each city at a big discount, sometimes up to 50%! With this money saved you can add on other excursions to your trip, stay an extra night, or my favorite, go out to each a few more times.

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So, is City Pass right for YOU?

Do you like saving Money?

“Spend Less and Experience More at Top Attractions”

This is absolutely true. In Boston you save 40% on the top spots around town. Basically, you get into 4 to 5 attractions for the same price as 2. In each city you have huge savings! So if you like to save money, City Pass is for you! I am a firm believer in travelling within your means. City Pass is a great way to do this while still having a fabulous time!

There are cities all across the country that participate in City Pass

There are 14 cities on the list, each having something unique and exciting to offer. So no matter how far you want to go for your trip, there is probably something in your range. All of the cities, however, are in large urban areas. They are the big cities in the states. So, if you are like me, these are all exciting options! But if you do not like big cities and all of the unique experiences they bring, City Pass is not for you. I will say though, city pass is a great way to experience a city for the first time. It allows you to ease into it without feeling overwhelmed.

Here is the list!

Chicago (My absolute favorite City Pass!)

Do you like Museums, Aquariums, seeing the city from the tallest building around?

I am a museum person. I LOVE pretty much any and all types of museums and the like. If you are not that person… City pass is not for you. Most of the attractions are Museums (art, history, and more) or other attractions like aquariums. Some of the other attractions offered that I really love include going to the top of VERY tall buildings. Now, this is my absolute favorite thing to do in a big city. If you do not like heights or this does not interest you at all, certain passes might not be for you. Check out the detailed options of each pass before you buy one. They might be exactly what you are looking for but you might hate it. So do your research and really consider the options.

You have to complete all the options to get your moneys worth

I do not mind hitting multiple spots in one day. You will get your moneys worth of you do 4/5 spot but to get the full savings you need to be able to go to all the attractions. If you do not have a lot of time in a city then the City Pass is not for you. But, if you have 3 days, there is plenty of time to get all the options done! If you have the whole week, I highly recommend getting a pass!

Public Transit

Chances are you will have to figure out public transit in the city you are in to be able to get to each place on the pass. The passes offer information and so does the website on directions on how to get to each attraction. One thing I love about this is you get to experience real city life. Now that I live in a bigger city, I really understand how important the transit is to the culture of the city. If public transit is not something you want to take on, consider that while checking out the individual passes.


The passes often take you to different areas of the city so you can also check out new places to eat or what each area has to offer since you are already there! In Boston for example, you get to head to three very different areas of the city. Each is unique in its own way and now you have a reason to go explore in each area and what they have to offer! This allows you to get a wholesome experience of the city you choose. If you would rather stay in one area consider that when looking for each individual city pass before purchasing.

Final thoughts

There is a lot to consider when thinking of a purchasing a City Pass. What it ultimately comes down to is whether you have the time to get the full value of the pass. If you think all of the options sound super fun, just make sure you can make it to every attraction. If this is not possible in your time frame, it would be better to just go to one or two of the attractions and pay for each individually.

I do strongly believe in City Pass and the institutions that they provide for their customers. They allow for easy planning for your trip and take the hassle out of figuring out what you should do in a city. Saving on travel is also a big perk. You can take that money and start saving for your next trip. OR you can splurge a little on your hotel or going out to eat. If you are still not convinced on City Pass head to their website by clicking here to see reviews of other satisfied customers just like me!



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