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9 Things You Need To Do When Visiting Waco Texas

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Woah… I cannot believe this has been almost a year ago since I wrote this! I remember being so nervous writing and just thinking about putting it online. With some tweaks… this is one of my favorite blogs I have worked on even though it is fairly old. Anyway, enjoy!

Waco, Texas. Home of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Although this area generally holds a bad reputation for its past, Chip and Jo have begun to turn it into something truly special. I was able to stay two days in this area and got to experience downtown Waco as well as Magnolia Market! Here is my list of MUST DO's for Waco, Texas.

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Do wander around and see the city

After arriving for the evening of the first day, I wandered around downtown Waco to take it all in. Although the city is not quite as you would expect from its display on fixer upper (rack this up to television magic and good framing choices) it was still a quaint, beautiful little city.

I felt right at home in this area because it reminded me so much of where I grew up. The streets were lined with greenery and were very quiet as the sun approached the horizon. My favorite buildings included the Alico hotel and the county building. The county building is absolutely extravagant. I gawked at this building for quite a while taking in all the details and beauty its history had to offer.

Have dessert at Pie Peddlers

I was able to make my rounds in this city rather quickly (the city is teeny tiny!) By this time I was pretty famished and decided to take a look around for food. I did not find dinner right away but what I did find was a hometown pie shop, Pie Peddlers. Lately I have been OBSESSED with peaches so the obvious choice was peach pie a la mode. I was not disappointed in any way. The peaches were sweat and the crust nice and crunchy.

Have dinner and a drink at George's

Not to stray from the norm, dinner at George’s followed my scrumptious desert. Here I started with a refreshing peachy (and alcoholic) drink. This fresh, icy drink hit the spot; cooling me down in the steamy 90 degree weather. For my entrée I ordered fajita steak tacos and boy was that a good choice. With some cool ranch (which tasted just like Little Caesar’s used to make before they switched to prepacked!) was the perfect paring for the peppers and cilantro that topped the charred steak.

Arrive early to Magnolia

The next morning I rose to get dolled up and head to Magnolia Market. Not only was this business a wonderful place, but it was truly magical. Upon entering you are greeted by an employee who offers a map and an umbrella (for rain or shine).

Have some coffee to start your day at The Common Grounds coffee truck

The first plan of action was to get some tea to get the morning started. The Common Grounds truck served up a mean soy chai latte with great service from the manager Jim Bob. Breakfast called for crepes from another wonderful truck in the courtyard. The service was quick and the crepes delicious and filling.

Take your time roaming around the area

After breakfast I made my way to the Garden Seed and Supply area, then the market to shop and finally the bakery. The garden was nothing less than you would expect from Joanna, green and overflowing. I was even able to capture some critters on the flowers!

Be mentally ready for the crowds and the money you are about to spend

The market is a little overwhelming as you make your way through. This is not only because of the amount of customers but the amount of amazing products in the exceedingly large shop. However, I was able to control myself on the way through and only spend a small fortune instead of my entire savings.

Do not forget to check out Chip's Corner

My favorite part of the shop was the tiny corner that was dedicated to Chip inspired products: Chip’s Corner. It seemed fitting to have made it all the way through this large warehouse to come upon the small, short, sweet and fun corner of Chip approved picks.

Try a variety of the cupcakes or pastries

After a lot of walking and enjoying what is Magnolia Market I finally went to the bakery to end my trip and begin my afternoon with cupcakes. The Cup O’Jo was my personal favorite (it really tastes like coffee!).

Overall my trip to Magnolia lived up to all of my expectations and even more. My experience there is a true testament to the knowledge the Gaines have on how to run a business. I felt welcomed, wanted and well-tended from the moment I walked through the gates. As if the inspiration I gained from this couple was not enough before, it is now bubbling over the brim. It is obvious that their heart was poured out onto this property, giving the community and the nation a place to go to view what dedication and trust in yourself can make. Their story (which you can hear in the Magnolia Story) is one that anyone can gain some knowledge or confidence from or at the very least get some laughs from their crazy adventures.

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