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Best Places to Eat in Jackson Michigan (from a local!)

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

My favorite thing about my home town is the great food. Every time I come to visit I feel like I might as well fast the week before in preparation for all the food I am about to eat. From breakfast to dessert, I have multiple places that I try to squeeze in for every visit. I have my absolute favorites, however, that I recommend if you ever find yourself in Jackson, Michigan.

Let us begin with the most important thing - satisfying your sweet tooth…

1. Cascades Ice Cream

I am not sure there is anything on the menu that is not good, but my personal favorite is the strawberry smoothie. After you get ice cream, you can sit and enjoy at a picnic table or walk around the park! If in season, you can also go see the Cascade falls.

2. The Blue Julep

Calling all cupcake lovers! You will love them even more after trying one of these babies. The flavors change often, and so do the hours. So, make sure to check out their Facebook before you get too excited!

Blue Julep Facebook

3. The Parlour

The Parlour is traditional and charming. When you go to this ice cream shop, it feels like stepping back in time. I always enjoy a sundae or a banana split!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

4. Wooden Spoon

You will definitely get a good start to your day by having an omelette or mickey mouse pancakes at the Wooden Spoon. Sometimes the wait is a little long (this is a good sign to measure how good a place actually is), but it is well worth it.

J. Scott Park |

5. Hinkley’s Donuts

I only know one person that does not LOVE Hinkley's and I am pretty sure she is crazy. The crescent donuts and the donut holes are to die for. So far, I have not come across a donut that even comes close to it. What would you do for a Hinkley’s donut?


6. Jackson Coffee Company

Head downtown to have not only tasty drinks but an awesome atmosphere as well. The upstairs has weekly live music and lots of cozy seating.

For your lunch and dinner..

7. Schlenker's

This is another staple in Jackson. The food is great and the little building will remind you of the past. Hop on a stool and order a burger just the way you like it.

MUST KNOW: They only take cash!

8. Rudy’s

There is something about a drive in diner that really appeals to me. Here you can get root beer, a chili cheese dog and fried cheesecake! I often opt for a plain hot dog with ketchup but you will not go wrong with a foot long chili cheese dog, trust me.

MUST KNOW: They only take cash!

Shelby Mack

9. The International Dog House

This might be my favorite place in Jackson..besides Hinkley's! You can get all sorts of interesting hot dogs here. My favorite is the Italian dog, which is like a pizza hot dog. I do know some people who also love their dog that has mac and cheese on top!

10. West Texas BBQ

This is a true hidden gem. Best bbq I have ever had, hands down. You cannot go wrong with any of the sandwichs. On Friday, however, they have a prime rib sandwich that is one of the best things I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

11. Whites Chicken

Whites is a town staple. It is plain and simple comfort food. They serve up fried chicken and all the fixins done right.

12. Klavons

For all you pizza lovers out there, head to Klavons. They have traditional and specialty pizza that will leave you full and satisfied.

13. Grand River Brewery

Right in the heart of down town, this restaurant serves bar food and a lot of good alcohol. My go to is the brisket tacos.

14. The Chase

Another bar food joint downtown but with more of a traditional bar feel! The burgers and pizza are great here!

If you need any other recommendations feel free to reach out, as a local I know ALL the spots!

Have an amazing day and remember to subscribe!



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